Feng Yun's Best Performances

International Champion of Bohae Cup, World Women's Go Championship of 1995
Silver medal winner of Bohae Cup, World Women's Go Championships of 1994, 1996, 1997
3rd place of 1st CuiBao Cup, World Women's Go Championship, 1993
(before 2000)
Champion of 1st Kurle Cup, National Women's Professional Go Championship of 1998
Champion of NEC Cup Pair Go in 1997
Runner-up of Zhonghuan Cup Tournament 1995
Champion of Team Tournament 1992
Champion of Team Tournament 1991
Runner-up of Team Tournament 1990
5th of Individual Tournament 1982
5th of Team Tournament 1981
9th of Individual Tournament 1979
Champion of National Individual Tournament 1983
2002 NAMT
2003 NAMT
2004 NAMT
Pictures 7th National Games
11th China-Japan Super Go Tournament
1st Bohae Cup, 1994
2nd Bohae Cup, 1995
3rd Bohae Cup, 1996
4th Bohae Cup, 1997
5th Bohae Cup, 1998
2000 China Eastern Airline Cup World Women's Championship
7th China Ming Ren
Cartoon 2000 Chinese Go