About the Feng Yun Go School

Feng Yun began teaching weiqi (go) in the early 1980's where she gave live TV commentaries for major top-level world competitions as well as for educational programs. In China, she is still famous among weiqi fans. Also, she has been invited to teach at go conferences and clubs in the United States and in Europe many times.

Feng Yun established her Go School in New Jersey in July 2002. Her considerable teaching experience enables her to target a players' specific problems and tailor an individual study program. Some of the strongest amateur players in the United States have been her students, and she is also willing to teach young beginners.

Currently, Feng Yun's principal activities are teaching classes on weekends during the regular academic year, and teaching workshops during the summer.

You are welcome to view some past news stories about Feng Yun and the FYGS.

A two-page color flier from several years ago which introduces the school is still available (see flier page 1 and page 2). Some of this information is out-of-date, so please check this website for more current information.