Feng Yun - Early Career Pictures

The second on the right is Feng Yun, the first on the right is Yu Meiling, these two youngest kids in the class were named as black and white stones, and they became among the strongest lady players in China and in the world.
Feng Yun, as one of young players of China visited Japan in 1979.
1979, it was the first time for Feng Yun to participate national competitions. She was the youngest player among the 12 players, and ranked number 9.
In 1983, Feng Yun won her first title, national women's championship.
After 23 years' effort and hard work, Feng Yun reached the top of a professional go player, became 9-dan in 1995, became the second 9-dan lady professional in the world and in the weiqi history, she also won her world champion title.