Class Policies

Regular weekly classes are designed to give all students the opportunity to learn and practice together. Most students and parents share this understanding and act accordingly, but sometimes a class becomes difficult due to inappropriate behavior. To ensure a good environment for all, the Feng Yun Go School enforces some common sense policies. Parents should discuss these policies with their children.

  • No running - Running in classrooms and hallways is hazardous, and will not be allowed.
  • No noise - Students should not disturb others with unnecessary noise, including singing and loud talking.
  • No drawing - Students must not draw on tables or go boards or other classroom equipment.
  • No throwing - Students must not throw go stones or anything else.
  • No hitting - Students must not do anything that might physically harm someone else, including hitting, kicking, pushing, and grabbing.
  • No drinks other than water - Soda, juice, milk and other such drinks are not allowed in the classroom. Bottled water is okay, but any spills must be brought to the teacher's attention and wiped up immediately.
  • No snacks - Food, candy, and gum are not allowed in the classroom.
  • No parents in classroom - Only registered students are permitted to be in the classroom during class time. Parents and other family members may enter before and after the class.

Thank you for your cooperation.